Bring Your Wild Idea to Life

Twelve Months to Bring Your Wild Idea to Life

Catalyze. Advance. Expedite. Accelerate. One-on-one comprehensive coaching and support to get your dream project flying in one year. What we’ll do together:

1. Find your path. Draw your map.

The Wild Idea Project Plan. This is the first leap from idea to action, from dream to reality. We’ll carve out the path you’re going to create to get from here to there so you know exactly what it’s going to take to make your dream happen.

What we’ll do together: Create a 3-D mind map. A next-generation business plan that is creative, comprehensive, and concrete. And most of all, tangible. Together, we’ll land on exactly all of the pieces you need to shape and understand to make your wild idea come to life, so you can be both wildly inventive and clearly practical.

What you’ll leave with: An inspired project plan blueprint with all of the ingredients you need (mission, organization, financials, marketing, and more) to make sure your project will be soaring from the start.

2. Find your voice. Weave your story.

How do you tell the world about what you are doing in a way that brings co-creators to your door? Finding and telling your idea’s story powerfully can make the difference for a new project. Story matters. Images matter. This is branding for your idea – but it’s deeper than that. It’s about finding and communication essence in a way that the power of the idea hums in everything you do.

What we’ll do together: We will dive into the essence of your wild idea and find its story. We’ll land on the words and the images that sing for the people you want to reach to help them see that this is what they’ve been seeking. Stakeholders – audience, investors, partners – are looking for the answer to their needs, their desires. We’ll get your story crafted so it resonates with its own power – and talks to the people it needs to talk to in ways they are hungering for. This is a way of working your idea that is deeper than a brand, deeper than marketing. It’s shaping the soul of your work so your tribe can find you.

What you’ll leave with: A host of marketing and story tools that will help ensure your success, like a marketing plan, a social media strategy, a basic website, and visual branding.

3. Find your flow. Gather your resources.

What do you need to make your dream happen? Staff? Stuff? A Place? Dollars? A business or organizational set up? This is the moment where dreams become real. We’ll keep your head in the clouds but get your feet grounded so you’ve got all of the pieces you need in place to get it going.

What we’ll do together: Building from your plan, we’ll figure out exactly what pieces you need in place by when. From incorporation to raising money, finding the staffing support you need, to getting into the space you need, we’ll get you clear on what you need to make them happen and then we’ll work together to make them real.

What you’ll leave with: By the time you’re ready to launch, you’ll have all of the pieces in place to launch, and an understanding of what and how you need to keep moving to keep your idea in play in its first year of life.

4. Find your tribe. Build allies and stakeholders.

We are as strong as our community. Who is your brain trust? Your formal or informal advisory board? The people you can tap into when you need a particular kind of genius?  You’re going to need them. The difference between a wild idea really happening and fizzling is about the strength of your tribe more often than you’d think.

What we’ll do together: We will map out the kinds of geniuses you need to make your idea work. The money whiz who can keep you on track with your dollars.  The guy who knows how to get snow off your roof. The like mind who you can call at midnight when existential angst has overcome you. The wonk who can walk you through that next maze of licensing. We’ll figure out who all of these people are and map a strategy to get them in your court.

What you’ll leave with: A vibrant group of allies who have the insights and skills you need and who are exhilarated by your idea and how they can help make it happen. And a clear plan about how to keep them in your loop and be able to call upon them when you need them.

5. Find your bliss. It’s about balance and joy.

Wild ideas can be all-consuming and it’s entirely easy to wake up one morning and wonder how you got where you are. We can get pulled off track, over-extended, and in our desire to make things happen, lose who we are in the first place. One of the most important things about going after your wild idea is figuring out how to keep yourself thriving on the way.

What we’ll do together: This is the soul work of your dream. Sometimes you need a magic wand.  Cheerleading. Well-timed kicks. A ‘get out of jail free’ card. (Well, metaphorically, at least.) I’ll be with you every step of the way as we bring your project to life, helping to make sure you’ve got the emotional support you need. Pushing you to make sure you get enough sleep. That you step away from your computer. That you move and breathe and let steam flow out of your head when it gets too hot in there.

What you’ll leave with: Sanity. We hope! More seriously, we’ll get you building habits of mind and soul and time that become a part of the rhythm of your work and play in the world that keep you whole and healthy and filled with delight that you’ve finally leapt into your heart’s desire. So you can keep making magic in the world and be a fire starter, creating touch points for the people you reach to feel inspired to do so in theirs.

Special Bonuses

In addition to the tools and toys and time we’ll share, there are lots of extra treats to make your journey as marvelous as your destination.

Here are a just a few:

Special Bonus 1: Access to my brain trust for advice from world-class creative partners who make magic in an array of fields, from advertising, presenting, organizational wisdom, community development, and more. We’ll match their skills to your needs and will set up at least three calls for you.

Special Bonus 2: An interview that you can record and share here on this site about your wild idea and your brilliant work to make it happen.

Special Bonus 3: Complimentary access to a weekend Spillian workshop on creativity, imagination, or planning (we’ll decide together which one is best for you).

Ready to jump?  Let’s start with a free, no hassle, no obligation Discovery Session… 45 minutes of exploring where you’re beginning and how we might work together. Just click here to set up a call!

Let’s Imagine!