Project Design

....From community projects to nonprofit coalitions, I've led or supported efforts to change the world, one idea at a time...


Andes Works!
I am chairing a new community-based organization dedicated to protect the area from industrialized gas hydrofracking by building a vibrant, organic local economy. We're engaging in community outreach, commmunity asset mapping facilitating, public relations, adult education and a variety of special community projects.


Boston Advantage: Urban Advantage, Boston
I led a six-month strategic planning process to create a pilot project between the Museum of Science, Boston; Boston Public Schools; The New England Aquarium, and Boston Public Library building bridges between formal and informal learning opportunities for middle school students.



Oak View Park and Resource Center
In California I spent four years leading a really exciting community/county/ nonprofit partnership to create a multi-use Family Resource Center in a former elementary school. Now there is a library, a teen center, a Boys and Girls Club, and a preschool, along with a multitude of arts, sports, and community programs there.




California Invasive Species Advisory Committee
I had the honor of helping with the earliest interations of this committee in California, trying to build a better narrative about problematic invasive species management in the state, helping people to understand the complexity and implication of plants and animals out of sync with their environment. This video was the beginning of that relationship.




Ojai Valley Youth Foundation
Got to play with community members both young and old in Ojai in an innovative period of this organization's history, supported by a California Wellness Foundation’s Children and Youth Community Health Initiative. We explored a variety of great ways to bring kids into the center of community; one of my favorites was an Appreciate Inquiry process discovering how most people in Ojai loved and wanted to protect the same elements of the valley, even if their ideas about how to do that were different. This changed how the community functioned in some important ways.



















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