The Frivolous Revolution

...from dissertation to publication, the road partially traveled.

In 2005 I completed my doctorate in cultural mythology and psychology. As the child of acadmeics who has both adored and rebelled against the constructs of higher education, I decided that my dissertation needed to be as much about what I could get away with as, well, I could get away with.

Blessed with a brilliant advisor, I teetered on the edge of complete irreverence even while chasing serious scholarship, and I wrote a dissertation on frivolity as a way into the imagination -- this particular lightness and non-purpose invites, I believe, a certain life and energy in our imagining.

Here are a handful of tastes from that work, some light and some more scholarly, as I attempt to translate this into something that someone actually might want to read. The book, The Pointless Revolution: Frivolity and the Serious Business of Subversive Creativity is slated for publication in 2012.

In the meanwhile, a few nibbles to download:

















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