A Little Gift For You!

Going after your wild idea is glorious and wonderful and can be utterly terrifying. It maybe even should be.

That’s why many of us don’t reach for it.

When you start to bring your wild idea to life, in all likelihood, you’re going to feel fear. You’re going to be scared to death. You’re going to not sleep at night. You going to either – or maybe even both – stop eating all together or eat so much that you think you’re going to weigh twice as much as you did when you started the project.

You’re going to wonder if you are galactically stupid to have tried this, you’re going to wonder if this was an absolutely catastrophic mistake. I had moments where I literally laid awake in bed, thinking, “I’ve destroyed our lives. I took us from this very comfortable world, we took all of our life savings, it’s now gone, and I’m never going to get it back.” And this was not just off in the distance, fantasy worry.

So what do you do about it? Just click the image for a start. Please let me know what you think!

On Fear eBook Cover