On Learning and Teaching

...a collection of ideas, stories, and philosophies about teaching and learning.


Imagine That! Re-Imagining Education
An essay first published in Creative Pulse Magazine that explores what an imaginal education might look like -- and why it matters.




On Intelligent Fast Failure: Leaping into Regenerative Creativity

A response to Jack Matson's book The Art of Innovation, Using Intelligent Fast Failure, on the power of failure if done quickly and intelligently -- in my case, learning to think this way allowed me to see my world as an imaginal playground.




A Riff on the Art of Seeing Through: Intuiting the Essence
Sometimes learning is as simple (and complex) as learning how we can see into what we're gazing on. This lecture explores how we literally and metaphorically see and how that affects how we understand the world.



The Power of Ideas: Celebrating the Worlds of James Hillman
ImagineU: Online Learning and Dialogues from the Imaginal Institute
Learning and thinking together in a virtual classroom can open up some wonderful doors. This particular experience was not a formal class (though we've done those, too) but instead an open-freewheeling conversation by scholars, psychologists, and artists from all over the world about how the work of luminary depth psychologist James Hillman has shaped their ideas.





















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