Capture Your Wild Idea

An audacious one-day intensive!  Let’s figure out how to bring your dream project to life.

In this 24-hour, one-on-one, super-charged, completely custom intensive retreat, we’ll dive audaciously deep into your dream project and dream it big. We’ll light up your heart, your mind, and your body.

And when we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to work your wild idea so it will be as perfect in reality as it is in your head. And you’ll know precisely what you’ll need to do to get it live within one year.

We will dive deep together.

  • Imagine. We’ll dream and draw and draft grand maps of your extraordinary adventure so you know where you’re heading.

  • Think. We’ll pull your idea apart and glue it back together again so you’re crystal clear on what it will take to bring it to life.

  • Move. Through body play like breath and yoga and wandering in the woods, we’ll get your idea sparking out your fingertips.

  • Fuel. We’ll fill you with the flavors of the day’s freshest treats from neighboring farms to fuel your body as well as your soul in a private, gourmet lunch and dinner.

  • Laugh. Work and play intertwine when we go after our heart’s desires, and we’ll start you off by breathing lightness into your dream so you can always find delight when you need it.

  • Reach. We’ll imagine just past what’s possible, just to the edge of what feels a little crazy, where all great dreams that can change you and change the world live.

  • Rest & Dream Again. At the end of the day as you fall into bed, you’ll be filled with a sense of rightness about what you want to do, ready to make it happen.

You’ll leave ready to start.

  • Clarity. From your toes to your earlobes, you will be sure that this plan is your next big work and play in the world.

  • Fire. You’ll be ready to be a fire-starter, popping with energy, fearlessness, and excitement and know how you’re going to get your dream flying.

  • Your Big Strategy. A practical and creative detailed map outlining the six big steps you’ll take to bringing your wild idea to life within one year, showing you how to build:

    • your plan: a full project plan so you know exactly what you need to do when

    • your story: branding and marketing so you can invite the world to join you

    • your tribe: defining your allies and supporters to fly with you

    • your flow: where to find the resources you need so you can make it real

    • your balance: making sure delight powers over fear so you have the power to push through when it gets challenging

    • your bliss: getting it flying in the way you want it to, being the person you want to be, so your life is utterly enriched by doing what you’ve dreamed

  • Your Next Steps. You’ll know exactly what you need to do first to get started. It’s really that simple. You’ll be ready to leap.

In a glorious place born to imagine.

You’ll capture your wild idea at Spillian: A Place to Revel, an extraordinary center for imagination in the Catskill mountains and your exclusive, private lodge for a day and a night. You’ll lay claim to 33 acres of woods and magic and a superb historic mansion that has brought people’s dreams to life for over a hundred years.

How to get ready.

Before we meet, you’ll complete three assessment tools that will get you as clear as you can be about what you’re dreaming, where the magic is flowing already, and where you’re feeling uncertainty or fear. We’ll use these to leap from so you leave with an absolutely laser-focused plan.

Special treats.

Super Spiffy Treat #1: For an extra bit of sybaritic delight in amongst all of this inspiration, a massage therapist will be ready for you just when you need a moment to breathe.

Super Spiffy Treat # 2: We’ll make you a custom video message highlighting the most powerful aha! moments you experienced here so you can capture that juice again whenever you need it.

Ready to jump?  Let’s start with a free, no hassle, no obligation Discovery Session… 45 minutes of exploring where you’re beginning and how we might work together. Just click here to set up a call!

Let’s Imagine!