I’m on a quest to bring the power of craziness and wonderfully wild ideas to the world. I’m working on a book. (well, yes, I’ve been goofing with it for five years now but I’m really going to finish it this year…really!…I promise, Mom…and I’ll feed it every day and walk it and you’ll hardly even know it was here…) But it’s coming, and will be called Just That Side of Crazy: How to Dream Your Wild Idea to Life.

As I’ve been going after my crazy dream of Spillian – a place for imagination and beauty and fine food and reveling and silliness and sublimity and life-changing moments – I’ve been learning a lot. About what to do, where to leap, how to hold onto (and let go of) important ideas about what you want in this world, about managing septic systems and political systems (yes, there are similarities), and hope and breath-taking happiness and heartache and those three am moments when you realize that you could well have destroyed pretty much everything you’ve ever built.

I want to share some of these with you, along with some guest appearances by a cast of characters who have their own opinions, ideas about other wild stuff that are bubbling up. My hope is that they’ll help you leap and dance into your own wild ideas. Because that’s what maybe could save us. Wild idea as salvation. It’s a concept.

And I look forward to hearing about your wild idea and all of the glorious and death-defying moments as you swim in it. And how you’ve succeeded. How you’ve failed. Because, failure. Yup. Part of the deal. And even if you’re standing on the threshold, looking at that door just slightly ajar with a swirling infinity of clouds and sky beyond it, almost afraid to breathe too hard because your wild idea might take flight again, I want to hear that, too. Because that’s what will get all of us dreaming forward, kindling the spark of that idea, and lighting the world on fire with wild crafty crazy genius.

If you’ve not joined us yet, please do! The water’s fine. I won’t spam you. I won’t even cry (well, maybe I will a little) if you decide all of this nonsense isn’t your cup of tea and strike me from your inbox. But if you come and play, I’ll do my best to have tasty morsels once a week that are geared towards getting you fired up and fearless. Not on the list yet? Cool. That’s easy to fix.

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