The Return of Myth America

A Mythic Radio Show

I spent the better part of four years wandering into a delightfully dilapidated radio broadcast studio every Tuesday morning to talk about the intersections of myth, imagination, and the American psyche on an NPR affiliate community radio station. I loved every minute of it.

But the moment came when it was time to move on, and in spite of grand plans to repurpose hours worth of musings into a podcast, life and other projects intervened. (Yes, I am the perennial toddler, chaser of shiny keys…)

The Birth of a Mythic Podcast

As of this month, I am super jazzed to say that finally Myth America is springing back to life as a weekly podcast! You can find it on, and on a growing number of podcast hosting services.

As of this moment, you can find it on:

Google Podcasts

…with more on the way, including the Joseph Campbell Foundation‘s upcoming myth podcast channel.

About Myth America

Myths are the stories that we tell and the stories that tell us.™ They are the metaphors that shape our imagination of the world around us.

Topical, political, philosophical, metaphorical, Myth America shakes out our sense of who we are in the world.

These are live and lively conversations as we explore the evocative mythologies that inform who we are.

The ancient Greeks said that myths were the things that were most and least true simultaneously. Far from just being a lie, myths pulse in the background of all of our lives — our selves, our families, our communities — we tell ourselves stories about all of them.

What are the myths we’re living in and how are they living in us?

Join me!