Breathe Deep and Resume the Quest

Some days, the world flips upside down. And it can take a while to find your breath again.

Last summer, the world lost my truly amazing dad. (This picture is of him learning to play the cello at almost 90. He was the great imaginer. You can learn more about him here, if you’d like.)

As my family and I have been adapting to life without him nearby, I’ve been feeling pretty quiet. Working through what matters to me, realizing that the world immutably changes when you lose one of your most beloveds, and finding a way back into breathing into one of the things he used to say: breathe deep, and resume the quest.

The Quest Begins Again

As I’m finding my feet again, I have an invitation for you this week:

The Influence of Mythic Figures in our Lives

Come play with us in webinar land! I’ll be joining my pals Dennis Slattery and Bradley Olson for what promises to be a very cool conversation on the Jung Platform!

A Free Webinar – The Influence of Mythic Figures in Our Lives

Date: Jan 22nd
Time: 8am PST / 11am EST

Join celebrated mythology experts, Dennis P. Slattery, Brad Olson and Leigh Melander for an inspiring conversation about the influence and importance of mythic figures in our lives. Machiel Klerk, founder of Jung Platform, will moderate the discussion.

You can enroll for free here (and whether or not you attend the live webinar you will get the recording in the days after as well).

Location: enroll for free webinar here!

As I think about mythic figures in my life, fathers are close to the surface. What mythic figures might be inhabiting your world?

The Journey Continues

I have lots more news to share, including a brand new book, a workshop I’m leading at Spillian in April, and some other new grand project ideas. I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

As I muse on all of this, I am struck by how sometimes life can interrupt our grand, wild ideas, but that those interruptions can be a source of new clarity and insight, rather than being the thing that shuts us down for good. I hope that as you get interrupted, you can find a way to catch your breath again, and see things anew.

As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!