Finding Fuel

In an era that can feel overwhelmingly dark and frightening, with catastrophic climate crisis no longer an abstract concept maybe on the distant horizon, leadership that does anything but lead, and a sense that we’re all running harder and faster to simply try to stay in place, I look for people and ideas and organizations that offer a different story.

Amazing things are happening out there. And they feed us, with a sense of possibility, and with ideas that can spark our own. We are so not living in a vacuum, ever, but instead are always dancing in the context of millions of ideas and energies. When we brush against them, they can fire us up.

I thought I’d share some of the places I find juice with you.  Some are old favorites, some new discoveries. Books, video, podcasts, creators… Anything that sparks that pop of life in my heart or brain and pushes my sense of the possibility of wild ideas that make the world a better place forward.

Today’s Spark

To start, a book that’s been out for a while. If you don’t know Thomas Moore’s writing, it’s a treat. The first book of his that I discovered was Care of the Soul, which in many ways was what got me pointed to grad school. A luminescent book, gently and deeply offering a different way to think about our psyches and how we can be in the world. You may well know this one, as it was on the best seller lists for a while.

Ideas: Inspiration and People I Love

But I wanted to share another one with you as well, that you might not have come across. The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

Starting from the premise that we can no longer afford to live in a disenchanted world, Moore shows that a profound, enchanted engagement with life is not a childish thing to be put away with adulthood, but a necessity for one’s personal and collective survival. With his lens focused on specific aspects of daily life such as clothing, food, furniture, architecture, ecology, language, and politics, Moore describes the renaissance these can undergo when there is a genuine engagement with beauty, craft, nature, and art in both private and public life.

Are you struggling with finding an idea that starts your fire, or feeling weary of the world? Try this gentle antidote – filled with the wild idea that we can in live in enchantment. Powerful stuff.

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